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October 10, 2007

Heroes ep2.03 analysis, thoughts and theories

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I know, I know, I’m late again. Life just keeps interrupting my blogging. You know, the whole wife, kids work thing. Ok, time to stop whining, on to my analysis of this week’s episode.

I thought this was another good episode, coasting a bit though. The characters are more spread out this season and we seem to get fewer pieces of their stories each week. This makes it even tougher to wait for the next episode. The story is a bit slow, but still engrossing and there is no sign of any sophomore slump so far.


Yes he’s back, and Candice was the one who saved him, but she looks different because Missy Peregrym is now on Reaper. Looks like the OWI still has some use for him. What struck me as odd is that Candice must have known about Sylar’s predilection for frontal lobe soufflé, and yet she seemed very unconcerned. A couple of theories spring to mind.

1) Sylar only thinks he killed Candice and has no powers. It was all just an illusion. He is not on an island in the middle of nowhere, just in a lab or something.

2) Sylar did kill her, but has the virus and it is suppressing his powers.

3) What drives the powers these people have? Is it possible that they have a new type of organ that gives them their powers? Was Sylar’s damaged when he was stabbed by Hiro and now has lost his power? Yeah, I know, a little wild, but it could be possible.

It looks like he’ll be on that deserted island for awhile. Guess he’s off shooting Star Trek.

Nikki and Micah

I went back and watched the end of “How to Stop an Exploding Man” and DL looked fairly healthy.
I think he and Nikki are helping the boys with their quest against OWI. Looks like Nikki is also infiltrating them also. Any guesses as to what Uhuru’s power may be (you know she must have one).

The bring the Company Down Club

Mohinder thinks he’s in over his head, I agree, he’s more double-0 naught that double-0 seven. Bob as much as admitted that OWI is keeping an eye on him. They MUST know about Molly and Parkman. Could be some bad news there in the future.


Mobsters, mysterious box and more intermittent powers, move along folks, nothing new to see here. <sarcasm>And, no, we didn’t see that kiss coming.</sarcasm>


Getting a bit soapy here. She and West now know each other’s secret and they’re getting all doey-eyed. The only interesting thing is when she sees the double scar from the isotope injection and Claire finds out that it was her dad that grabbed him. Guess who’s NOT coming to dinner.

The Plague Twins

What, is there an echo in here? Another week, same basic story with these two. Reminds me of Paolo and Nikki on Lost.

Hiro’s Hero

Was there a reason they didn’t show the battle between Kensei and the 90 Angry Ronin? Is Kensei not as reformed as he seems? Was that really the fire scroll? The reason I’m asking is that it occurred to me that if he can’t be killed, could he still be around? Is he the Season 2 “Big Bad”? Maybe I’m just thinking too much, but it makes you wonder. Hiro’s getting pretty badass with his power.

I am trying to think of something to call the characters other than “Heroes”. Obviously, Silar and the people working for OWI (Organization Without Initials) are not heroes. I think Mohinder’s father called them Evolved Humans. I came up with ideas. Homo Sapiens means “wise man”, so I came up with these;

Homo Posterus – future man
Homo Eximius – super man
Homo Fortis – powerful man
Homo Peritus – skilled man
Homo Supremus – higher man

Let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to suggest alternatives.

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  1. To start off with, the opening scene with Peter with Ricky was almost redundant. Last week, Ricky threaten throw the box which contained Peter’s identity into the fireplace. In order to get the box back, Peter needs to help out on an upcoming job. In this episode, we see Peter and Ricky sitting down with Peter asking what he needs to do to get the box back. Ricky acts as if he was playing around, “Oh, this box?” does not come out as toying with Peter but rather an alternative scene to the fireplace; was it just me? Later, Will’s mind gets read by Peter who discovers that Will is planning on taking the money from the heist for his own. Ricky and Will grab Peter and we see a tattoo of a family crest. Ricky tells Peter how he trusts Will as him as his own brother. Later, we see that Will does double cross Ricky in the end; oh well – so much for loyalty. Peter activates his powers to not only lift Will up against the wall but begins to crush his windpipe. Will is struggling to breathe like Admiral Conan Antonio Motti in Star Wars IV. I started shouting in my best Vader voice, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Peter lets Will go but Will come back with a vengeance? Will is going to beam back to the NX-01 Enterprise and blow up Peter from space. Aside note, Peter is struggling to call upon his powers in an earlier scene. Once again, Peter is having a workout with his shirt off. He wonders why the powers are not working. Here’s a hint, it only works with the shirt is on you, you mook. The power is in the shirt, Peter. He who controls the shirt controls the universe, duh!

    read more at: http://monsterscifishow.wordpress.com/2007/10/11/heroes-kindred-episode-review/

    Comment by monster7of9 — October 11, 2007 @ 12:23 pm | Reply

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