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October 17, 2007

Heroes ep2.04 analysis, thoughts and theories

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Good episode, we’re finally starting to get the story rolling. A lot of time is still being spent filling out the new characters. There was no Hiro or Peter this week, so the rest of the characters got a little more air time. It still feels like the writers are slowly moving the pieces around until they start to come together later in the season.

Heroes 90210

Cheerleaders, boy you don’t want Dad to meet, enemies with the popular girl, “going to the library” etc. That old gag. I can’t take credit for the description of this storyline. Sam at HeroesTheSeries came up with it. It just fits so well I had to borrow it.

West still seems a bit off. Could the the whole Aliens vs Robots thing. Can’t wait till he meets dear old dad.

Creepy question, What if Claire is not Nathan’s only illegitimate child? Was he visiting Cali 16 years ago? Might be the weird twist this storyline needs. He hasn’t spoken about his parents as far as I recall. Anyone remember if he did?

Claire’s a cheerleader again, I was wondering how that was going to work.

The anti-Company gang

Why would Isaacs painting(s) be in Odessa, Ukraine? Probably one of the unknown people in the Founders group photo is based there. Why can’t the Haitian go there by himself? Does HRG have a subtle power we don’t know about yet?

It’s straining credibility that OWI does not know where Molly is. Weren’t they all hot and heavy to get her cured so they can use her last season? There’s no way that Mohinder (Johnny India?) could evade the OWI surveillance that you KNOW he is under.

Parkman’s Dad is the Big Bad? Will Parkman’s powers grow to rival his father’s? They both have mind reading powers and if I remember correctly, Parkman knew when Peter was reading his mind last season. Their powers sound very similar. I predict that we’ll see a scene where Matt is in Molly’s mind trying to help her and his dad notices that someone else is there. Matt says “Dad?” and the connection is broken and Molly wakes up.

The Plague Twins

Still heading North. Did Derek steal that car from Claire? I guess Sylar wasn’t on a deserted island after all. I don’t think he will get Maya’s power. I’m not even convinced that he will regain full use of his powers. They already went down that road with last season’s alternative future. If he does regain them and get Maya’s power, he may become unbeatable.

Random thoughts

Not much going on in Micah’s storyline. The new characters are just getting developed. I’m sure Uhura will end up having a power. Monica’s power will turn out to be more useful than we may think. I still think DL is alive and he and Nikki are working to get back at OW.

What’s up with Nathan’s face? New power? Illusion? Did someone heal him?

Next week’s episode teaser: Kristen Bell makes her appearance with an “electrifying” power! Must be who Peter got that power from.


  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptGood episode, we’re finally starting to get the story rolling. A lot of time is still being spent filling out the new characters. There was no Hiro or Peter this week, so the rest of the characters got a little more air time. … […]

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  2. I am excited about the new Star Trek movie for two reasons, one I have been a huge Sci Fi fan for 25 years and two I am a big Zachary Quinto fan since his starring on Heroes.

    However, they have some very large shoes to fill and taking on a project like this, it could be doomed from the start simply because the characters are larger than life as they were depicted by the original cast.


    Comment by bc3263827 — October 18, 2007 @ 9:07 pm | Reply

  3. I’m hoping that since they are doing a prequel, the characters are not yet the ones we know. They will be more prone to mistakes and more human.

    Comment by aproposofnothing — October 18, 2007 @ 9:16 pm | Reply

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