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October 17, 2007

The case against universal health care?

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There’s been a couple of recent news stories that make me glad we do not have universal health care here in the US.

A father delivered his own baby after being turned away from two hospitals because they were full. Wouldn’t this be considered “urgent care”?

Medics at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend, near Cardiff, insisted the baby would not arrive for hours and suggested the couple go and have a cup of coffee while they tried to free up a bed.

Three hours later, they returned to the hospital when Miss Jones’s contractions became more frequent.

This time she was given a thorough examination by a midwife who confidently sent them away for the second time, telling them the baby was still “hours away”.

Once again, the frustrated couple headed back to their home in Bridgend. But within minutes Miss Jones felt the baby arriving.

read it all here

A lack of NHS dentists are prompting some Brits to take matters into their own hands.

LONDON (AP) — A shortage of National Health Service dentists in England has led some people to pull out their own teeth — or use super glue to stick crowns back on, a study says.

read the rest here

Makes me want to keep a real close eye on any publicly funded health care initiatives that are proposed by our politicos.  Where’s Michael Moore when you need him?

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