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October 23, 2007

Heroes ep2.05 analysis, thoughts and theories

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The storyline finally sped up a notch this week and started to gel. There were less characters in this episode and we started to get some glimpses at what may be going on this season.

I know I have written about the apisode so far being goos, but I guess it took me 5 episodes to realize that this season is a bit flat and stilted. The characters seem a bit 2 dimensional and some of the plot lines appear rushed. The Heroes 90210 plot almost feels like filler. The one story line I would really have liked to see more of is Hiro’s quest to redeem his boyhood hero, but it seems the writers decided to just have Hiro refer offhand about some scenes that I was hoping would be shown. Are there any of you that were not disappointed that we didn’t see some action packed Kensei scenes?

Since last season was so enjoyable, I am giving the writers and producers the benefit of the doubt and will continue to watch each week with anticipation. All right, enough of my pontificating and on to the analysis, thoughts and theories the title of this post referred to.

Elle, the Irish Mob and the Lost Boy

Kristen Bell’s new character with the “electrifying power” injects a little juice (heh) into the season. A very determined young lady with some control issues, she is most likely the Evolved Human (can’t call her a hero can we?) that Peter received his lightning power from. The big question is, Who’s Daddy? My bet is Parkman’s dad. He left when Parkman was 13 and Parkman is probably in his mid 30’s. If his dad had a second family or even started one after he left, Elle, who looks to be around 2o, could work out as being his daughter. She also seems to have the same loose grasp of morality that he has. Crispy Ricky, Ouch!

My theory on the Petrelli brothers is that OWI had captured Peter and Nathan after their explosive exit last season. Nathan agreed to help them, was healed and let go as the convinced him that Peter was dead and that the Evolved Humans that are outside of their control were to blame. That’s why he feels so guilty and is having visions of himself looking disfigured. As for Peter, I have two theories. The one I think most likely is that his escape from OWI’s custody was assisted by his mother and/or Nakamura (hence their being targeted for removal) or just Claude. They were the ones that let Ricky and the gang from the Dew Drop Inn know about the shipping container. That’s possibly why he had his passport etc on him when he was found. His amnesia was induced by OWI to help him gain control over his powers (remember that Claude told him last season that in order for him to master his ability he had to let go of his emotional ties to the past). My other theory is that he was being shipped to McSorely for some reason (is McSorely one of the Founding 12?) and Ricky et al. stumbled upon him during a heist.

The plane ticket to Montreal has me intrigued (great city to visit BTW). Was this where his rescuers wanted him to go? (Claude is a French name) Is there an Evolved Human Underground Railroad that has a major station there? Too soon to tell.

Two Men and a Baby (well, not quite, but it sounded good)

It looks like Parkman inherited his powers from daddy, only daddy has taken them to the next level. He’s able to trap people in their own mind, reliving bad memories. It’s seems related to Candice’s power of illusion. Parkman was able to break out of it by projecting his thoughts into Nathan’s mind. Kinda sets up a showdown between him and dad later in the season. Will this newfound extension of his power allow him to help Molly?

Mohinder’s (Johnny India) decision to take Molly to OWI for help seems like a stupid move. The fact that he meets Nikki/Jessica there may make it less so. I still think she and D.L. (yes, I think he’s still alive) are working to take down OWI.

Why would Parkman’s dad be after Bob? I would think that he would be aligned with OWI. Or is this a trap for our heroes?

The Katrina Krew

This story line still seems to be developing. Monica’s power is more powerfull than previously thought. What will happen when she sees someone use a power? Will her Mimic power allow her to use that power? I predict Monica will step up and identify the robber.
Hiro and Kensei

Why aren’t they showing their struggles? These would be some great scenes! I still believe that Kensei is still alive. Is he good or evil?

Hiro is so unlucky in love. Maybe he needs to speak of the pompatus of love.

Random thoughts

  • When Peter was found in the shipping container he was all sweaty or wet. Since the passport, plane ticket etc were found on him, why does the ticket to Montreal look so pristine?
  • The Box? Big disappointment.
  • I love Nathan’s comment about not being a private airline.
  • What will HRG and the Haitian find in the Ukraine? I think HRG is the deepest character this season.
  • Mohinder had better take “Don’t Tase Me Bro” to heart or I will lose what little repect I have left for him.
  • Am I the only one glad that the Plague Twins did not make an appearance this week?
  • Ando is turning into a pretty cool character. Will we see him develop a power?
  • Didn’t our heroes seem more comfortable with their powers at the end of last season?


  1. i don’t think monica will be able to copy the powers of other Evolved Humans since her power is just muscle mimicry…

    Comment by chie88 — October 24, 2007 @ 4:46 am | Reply

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