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October 24, 2007

Tuesday Morning Quarterback

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If you’re a football fan, you really should be reading Tuesday Morning Quarterback, a weekly column on ESPN.com written by Gregg Easterbrook. It’s funny and witty and he makes very astute observations about the game that you won’t read anywhere else.
Some examples:

Good vs Evil – About the Colts vs Pats game on 11/4

Punting the Punt – Why teams should only punt rarely

Overloading the shotgun – About the shotgun spread formation

He has nice feature like Stats of the Week that are very unique. Here are this weeks stats:

Stat of the Week No. 1: Until 4:06 p.m. ET on Sunday, New England had never been 7-0 and Miami had never been 0-7.

Stat of the Week No. 2: At one point, Tennessee led Houston 32-7

and held a 311-34 advantage in offensive yards, yet the Titans ended up

needing a field goal on the final snap to win.

Stat of the Week No. 3: New England has scored more points thus far this season than six teams (Carolina, Cleveland, Houston, Miami, Oakland and Tampa) scored all of last season.

Stat of the Week No. 4: Jeff Garcia completed 18 consecutive passes, yet the Bucs lost.

Stat of the Week No. 5: Oakland has not won a game in its division since November 2004.

Stat of the Week No. 6: The Giants have won five straight — over opponents that are a combined 10-22.

Stat of the Week No. 7 : Jersey/B, Miami and St. Louis are on a combined 0-18 streak; Indianapolis, Jersey/A and New England are on a combined 18-0 streak.

Stat of the Week No. 8: (College stat bonus) Texas Tech’s coaches called 74 passes and 10 runs Saturday; Navy’s coaches called 67 runs and 12 passes. Both teams lost.

Stat of the Week No. 9: Randy Moss has scored twice as many touchdowns (10) as the entire Buffalo offense (5).

Stat of the Week No. 10: Rob Bironas of Tennessee scored more points this weekend (26) than 17 teams (Atlanta, Arizona, Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Minnesota, New Orleans, Oakland, Philadelphia, San Francisco, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington.)

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