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November 1, 2007

Heroes ep2.06 analysis, thoughts and theories

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Another average episode. After a bit of excitement last week with Maury Parkman, we are back to the usual plodding, disjointed storyline. And the best part of last week’s episode wasn’t even mentioned this week, what’s Daddy Parkman up to now?

The season should be subtitled “Heroes: Baby Steps” This season’s plot is starting to look a bit like last season. New York is devastated in the future, check. Claire is having cheerleader issues, check. Sylar is trying to get a PMD (Power of Mass Destruction), check. Peter is confused and coming to grips with his powers, check. HRG and the Haitian are stealing memories and being badass, check. There were a couple of twists that gave me a glimmer of hope that the writers are not totally coasting. Some of the characters have regressed from where they ended last season.

The Lost Boy and the Irish Lass

  • They wasted several minutes deciding to go to Montreal and then about whether Caitlin should go. I thought this was a forgone conclusion last week.
  • I didn’t notice that Heroes symbol above the warehouse door last week. I wonder if the Petrelli’s own it?
  • Who’s Adam? Is this the Adam Monroe that Suresh and Bob talked about? And how did he know Peter would be there? Is Adam another Evolved Human with an ability to get multiple powers?
  • What triggered Peter’s use of Hiro’s power? Related to Adam somehow or an unknown use of Isaac’s premonition powers?
  • The writers must really have it in for New York.
  • More bad blue screen work. Is this intentional to give a bit of comic book feel to the show?
  • I believe the reason for the evacuation is related to the Heroes Virus.

Johnny India, Mimic, HRG and the Haitian

  • Dude, the reason you are working undercover is to get information about OWI. Copy a few files, break into a few offices, you know the drill. You seem a bit conflicted about why you’re there.
  • Monica’s worried about her being the only support for her family and she just jets off to upstate NY? Did Mohinder pay her to come? She must have told the Katrina Krew since she didn’t seem worried.
  • OWI must have given Sylar the virus to suppress his abilities. I wonder how long it lasts? Was Sylar kept alive as a guinea pig for the virus? Is that why Bob wanted to test it on Monica? Their guinea pig escaped it’s cage and they need another one?
  • I’ll bet that iPod has some extra features like a GPS tracker, microphone and transmitter.
  • Jessica is cured and Mohinder’s partner. Weird interaction between them, almost seemed like Niki was threatening him. I still think she is there for other reasons.
  • I have a suspicion that Adam Monroe is one of the 12 founders.
  • If Bob and Ivan can be believed, OWI has gone back to their roots and are a force for good. Has OWI split and Adam and Daddy Parkman represent the evil side? Is that why some of the founding 12 are being targeted?
  • I see HRG still has that old “ends justifies the means” style religion.
  • I think I’ll put up a separate post on the “series of 8” paintings.

Heroes 90210

  • What a waste of ten minutes.
  • My theory, West is bad and pulling Claire to the dark side. He is kind of creepy and OWI had him at one time. He also doesn’t seem to have a family. Remember last season, OWI wanted HRG to give them Claire once her powers started to manifest? Best bet is that West and Elle were in similar situations. Adopted by an OWI family and once they got their power were indoctrinated into the Company. West has a hint of Elle’s lack of a morale compass. Could they be related? This is the only explanation I could think of as to why so much time has been spent on this storyline.
  • Is it just me, or does West look like he could be Owen Wilson’s nephew or brother?

Hiro: Back to the Future

  • He must be in love, cause he just blew the whole time line. He was so driven and single minded last season, time/space travel must turn your brain to mush.
  • How the hell did Kensei get out of the camp fast enough to see the kiss? Does he have super speed to?
  • I still think Kensei is still alive now since he can’t seem to be killed. He also seems to have increased his pain threshold and healing speed. Could he be Adam Monroe?
  • You’re in the middle of an army camp of thousands of Samurai and only a few guys are chasing you? Do the Japanese have siestas? Another chance at showing an epic battle scene blown.
  • Hiro can freeze time, how can Kensei and Grey Beard keep him prisoner? Keep knocking him out? Probably some kind of lame reason that makes no sense.

The Plague Twins and Sylar

  • If Maya And Alejandro are twins and grew up together, why can only Maya speak English?
  • Net rumor says that we will see Mylar (not my idea) later in the season. I guess Sylar turns Maya to the dark side, he’s made a good start so far. Was the reason that they are wanted for murder NOT an accidental release of her power.
  • Much of this storyline seems like a waste of time also. They could have given us the same info in much less time.

Random thoughts

  • Does Heroes have a budget crunch? Lame blue screens, no location shots for NY or Ukraine, and no large samurai battles.
  • Does the June 14, 2008 Evacuation date have any other meaning?

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