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November 16, 2007

Heroes ep2.08 analysis, thoughts and theories

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One of the better episodes of the season, but for some reason, I feel like I just had some chinese food. A little while after I watched it, I felt a bit unfulfilled. Not sure why, since we got quite a few answers to our questions about what’s been happening with our heroes and they pulled some of the story lines together.

I suspect it’s that I’m getting sick and tired of the overused plot trick of showing a bit of the ending and then going to a new scene with “48 hours ago” or something. I thought it was pretty neat at first, but after 2 or 3 years of every show on television using this technique, I am starting to get jaded by it. Or maybe just annoyed. Maybe the reason is that Season One was so well written and paced. The plot points and secrets introduced were timed so well that we were kept intrigued without being frustrated. This season seems to be moving in fits and starts. Last season, I almost always made sure that I made time to sit down and watch it live, this season, I found myself watching it on DVR a day or two later at least 3 times. The previews for upcoming episodes seem to indicate that the rest of the chapter will be worth watching. Let’s hope the writer’s strike is over soon so we don’t have to wait until next fall for Chapter 3.

All I got this week are Random Thoughts.

  • Was the Shanti Virus accidentally created by OWI when they worked on their “cure” 30 years ago? Was Shanti a test subject? Was Mohinder’s father part of OWI or working with them unknowingly?
  • What IS Mama Petrelli’s power? Will we find out this season? My theory: she has the power of manipulation/suggestion, but it’s very subtle and doesn’t work well if a person has strong feelings about something. Seems to be more of a “nudge” power.
  • Mrs. Petrelli helped out the Haitian in the past and he returned the favor by helping Peter. It seems that she may have had more to do with the founding of OWI than we thought.
  • Could Peter’s blood have helped Nathan also?
  • Will we find out what Adam has been up to for the last 400 years? Well, he did spend some time messing with Sydney Bristow.
  • We’ve been led to believe that Bob and OWI are now good (or at least leaning in that direction) and Adam/Kensei is bad. We may find out that we might be wrong. Just a guess.
  • Elle is a sociopath. No surprise there. But who is her Daddy? My guess, Bob, but he’s not her biological father. It is the same situations as Claire’s. An Evolved Human was found at a young age and then fostered with a member of OWI.
  • Elle is cute. Why did I never watch Veronica Mars?
  • I like the way the subtle change in Nikki’s hair made her “Gina” personality look so different.
  • She has the power of always doing the wrong thing.
  • DL phased when the guy punched him with no warning, yet did not when he put a gun in his belly and waited a second or two before pulling the trigger? Implausible.
  • NO. MORE. MAYA. AND. ALEJANDRO. PLEASE. The payoff for this story line had better be really, really great.
  • Couldn’t they have trimmed some time from the Nikki and the Wonder Twins stoty lines and showed us what happened with Parkman, Mohinder and the Bennetts?

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  1. I totally agree about the over use of the “48 Hours Ago…” storytelling but in fairness, Heroes, I think, only used this twice. BSG is very guilty of using this form for the majority of the episodes. Some times, story work best when it’s not linear such as Pulp Fiction or Citizen Kane.

    Comment by monster7of9 — November 17, 2007 @ 1:46 pm | Reply

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