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November 29, 2007

Heroes ep2.10 analysis, thoughts and theories

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Great Episode, makes me really, really hate the WGA strike. Hopefully they can iron out their differences and get the season back on track. This episode has rewarded us for holding on through this season. Most of the story lines have come together and shown us why the season has progressed as it has. I still hold to the opinion that some of the story lines were drawn out a bit too much (the Plague Twins, Heroes 90210 and The Katrina Krew). It seems that they are rushing the story to finish next week. The Plaque Twins, Heroes 90210 and The Katrina Krew story lines could definitely have been compressed to bring us more enticing content.

The Take down the Company Guys

  • Seeing it again, I guess HRG was dead seeing his dead eyes.
  • Mohinder is so easily swayed. Naivety personified.
  • Bob’s got quite a pair to show up at the Benet’s house.
  • Still not sure whether Bob is a bad guy or a good guy.
  • The previews show HRG talking to Claire, did Mohinder (Johnny India) finally do the right thing?
  • If Nikki still has the virus, why is she out and about? Does she not have strain 138?

The Plague Twins

  • Sylar has such evil and dead eyes. How can Maya fall for that?
  • Sure, NOW she can control her powers.
  • Interesting article Alejandro is reading. You just know he’s gonna die now. Yup, he did.
  • With Alejandro dead, how will Sylar control Maya when you know she WILL lose control.

The Kensei story

  • The geeks are on the trail
  • I want a translation. I don’t think Ando really said “Not Again” when Hiro went into the past.
  • Will Hiro defeat Peter? Probably, he is more focused.

The not so Lost Boy

  • Another naive one, he’ll believe anyone, even after he remembers what happened last season.
  • Again, “Save the World” means different things to different people.
  • Adam is such an evil bastard.

The Katrina Krew

  • Monica is starting to look badass.
  • Still not sure why this story line is relevant.

Heroes 90210

  • I still think West is related to Owen Wilson.
  • Claire and Elle, Cat Fight!

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