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November 29, 2007


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When I first saw this I thought it was a gag, but apparently it’s real. Two guys are working on filter software that can detect rampant stupidity in written English.  The plan is to release this a s open source software for blogs, wikis and content management systems.  There are also plans for Firefox and WordPress plugins.  I need this in real life, it would make my job sooo much easier.

A couple of questions from the FAQ:

So what do you plan to filter?
The idea is that the most egregiously stupid comments will also be the easiest to detect while remaining ignorant of context; comments with too much or too little capitalization, too many text-message abbreviations, excessive use of “LOL,” exclamation points, and so on.
How do you rate stupidity?
Since we’re trying to build a detailed database that serves as a very verbose example of What Not To Do, we look for comments whose prose style we can point to and say, “I don’t even have to understand the content of this comment to know that it’s stupid,” — based on the gross prose style alone, its stupidity is self-evident. It is then useful as an example for our parser to integrate into its database of stupidity.

Check out their site here.

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