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January 21, 2008

Obscure Bands II

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Since the original Obscure Band post seemed popular, I thought I would post a followup.

Here are some artists that you may not have heard of, but are worth a listen. Some are just more forgotten than obscure. Please leave your favorite obscure and forgotten artists in the comments and I may use them on future posts.

If you like posts about music, you should definitely check out The Music Chamber which is blogged by Michelle.

Chris deBurgh – Maybe not completely obscure as he had a hit with “Lady in Red” and some interest in “Don’t Pay the Ferryman“. He’s one of my favorite artists of all time. He had many other songs that were just as good as his popular hits, if not better, including A Spaceman Came Travelling“, “Patricia the Stripper“, “This Song is for You“, “Lonely Sky“, “The Tower“, “The Painter” (a bit dark), and “Spanish Train” (below), one of my favorites.

Warren Zevon – If you’re a big music fan, he may not be so obscure, but to 95% of the public, the only song he ever did was “Werewolves of London“. In my opinion, he did many songs that were much better. Some of my favorites include “Lawyers, Guns and Money“, “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner“, “Excitable Boy“, “Carmelita“, “Mohammed’s Radio“, and “My Shit’s Fucked Up” (below).

Manfred Mann – They had a couple chances to be less obscure. First, their song “Do Wah Diddy” was featured in the Bill Murray movie “Stripes” and then Bruce Springsteen did a cover of their song “Blinded by the Light“. Neither one brought them more than fleeting interest.

The Jim Carroll Band – I don’t know exactly why I like this song, it’s a bit dark and depressing, but I still enjoy listening to it.

The English Beat

Smith h/t The Old Man


.38 Special – On the radar for about 6 months in the 80’s, but had a few more good songs.

Adam Ant (My favorite song in ’82)



  1. Adam Ant. He’s mine

    Comment by WomanofAbomination — January 24, 2008 @ 1:15 pm | Reply

  2. I love 10cc.

    Comment by michele — January 24, 2008 @ 1:17 pm | Reply

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