Apropos of Nothing

June 5, 2008

Furniture Romance

Filed under: Humour — aproposofnothing @ 9:35 pm

Howard was a furniture dealer from Georgia. He was wanting a new line of furniture to spark up his inventory. He had never traveled out of the country, so he thought he would go to Paris to see what the furniture market was like over there.

He arrived in Paris and toured several furniture galleries and manufacturing facilities. He found a new line of furniture that he thought would go over well back home in Georgia. He closed the deal for the first shipment and was very pleased with the results. Howard decided he would stop by a little bistro to reward himself for his new business deal. He stops by for a drink and the little bistro is quite crowed. Actually he gets the last available table.

After awhile a tall, beautiful French girl comes in looking for a table. The only remaining seat is at Howards table. She says something to him in French, but he doesn’t understand. He signals for her to have a seat. She joins him. But their attempts at conversation don’t get very far because she doesn’t speak any English and he doesn’t speak French.

At one point Howard takes a napkin an draws a wine glass on it. The woman nods and Howard buys her a glass of wine. A little later Howard draws some food, she nods. So they leave the bistro and go to a romantic cafe for dinner.

Howard draws two people dancing and some musical notes. she nods happily, and they go dancing and are having a wonderful time.

As the evening wears on, the girl takes a napkin and draws a four-poster bed. And to this day, Howard hasn’t figured out how she knew he was in the furniture business.

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