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November 30, 2007

Bowie Meets Crosby

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I know it’s a bit early for Christmas, but this is one of my favorite holiday songs. The story goes that Bowie did not like Little drummer boy and the writers wrote Peace on Earth as a replacement. When the stars met that morning, they decided on a medley and rehearsed for only an hour. It turned out to be a classic. Bing died a month later.

November 29, 2007

A little fun for the lady readers

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

h/t Theo Spark

Warcraft Fun

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I don’t play Warcraft, but some fans are doing some really hilarious shit.


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Three men strike up a conversation in the airport lounge in Calgary, while
awaiting their respective flights.

One is an American Indian, another is a cowboy and the third passenger is a fundamentalist Arab student.

Their discussion drifts to their diverse cultures. Soon the two Westerners learn that the Arab is a devout, radical Muslim and the conversation falls into an uneasy lull.

Finally, the American Indian clears his throat and softly says, ‘At one time here, my people were many, but sadly now we are few.’

The Muslim student raises an eyebrow and leans forward, ‘Once my people were few and now we are many,’ he sneers. ‘Why do you suppose that is?’

The Alberta cowboy shifts his toothpick to one side of his mouth and from
the darkness beneath his Stetson says in a smooth drawl, ‘That’s ’cause we ain’t played Cowboys and Muslims yet, but I do believe it’s comin’.’

h/t Theo Spark 

World’s Easiest Quiz

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By Theo Spark(You need at least 4 correct answers to be considered literate!!)

1) How long did the Hundred Years War last?
2) Which country makes Panama hats?
3) From which animal do we get catgut?
4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?
5) What is a camel’s hair brush made of?
6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal?
7) What was King George VI’s first name?
8) What color is a purple finch?
9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from?
10) What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane?

click here for the answers

3rd Quarter GDP Growth Raised to 4.9%, The Best Since 2003

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I was talking to someone today about the economy. Everywhere you look, people are buying flat screens and iPhones. Contractors are turning away work because they can’t keep up with demand. Strip malls and business construction is seen all over the place. Holiday shopping seems to be rocking. Yet, all you read in the paper and see on the news is doom and gloom.

The government’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) today released a report revising the third quarter economic growth from 3.9% to 4.9%.  From what I remember, anything over 3% is great and close to 5% must be awesome.  I haven’t seen or heard anything about this in the media.  I would think this would be front page stuff.  I just can’t understand why!  heh

Thanks to Ace for the h/t


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Ace thinks we’re doomed, I just think that contraception is undervalued.


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When I first saw this I thought it was a gag, but apparently it’s real. Two guys are working on filter software that can detect rampant stupidity in written English.  The plan is to release this a s open source software for blogs, wikis and content management systems.  There are also plans for Firefox and WordPress plugins.  I need this in real life, it would make my job sooo much easier.

A couple of questions from the FAQ:

So what do you plan to filter?
The idea is that the most egregiously stupid comments will also be the easiest to detect while remaining ignorant of context; comments with too much or too little capitalization, too many text-message abbreviations, excessive use of “LOL,” exclamation points, and so on.
How do you rate stupidity?
Since we’re trying to build a detailed database that serves as a very verbose example of What Not To Do, we look for comments whose prose style we can point to and say, “I don’t even have to understand the content of this comment to know that it’s stupid,” — based on the gross prose style alone, its stupidity is self-evident. It is then useful as an example for our parser to integrate into its database of stupidity.

Check out their site here.

Future Tech

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Popular Science has an article on a new helmet for military pilots that looks very futuristic.  Read it here.


Verizon opens up

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Verizon will be opening it’s network in 2008 to “Any Apps, Any Device”. They will be publishing technical standards so you can “bring your own” to their network. So I guess you can get one of those cool Korean phones you read about and activate in on Verizon. It also sounds like someone could create a non-phone device that could use the network also. Imagine an adapter that allows your PSP to use the EVDO network.

Verizon Wireless today announced that it will provide customers the option to use, on its nationwide wireless network, wireless devices, software and applications not offered by the company. Verizon Wireless plans to have this new choice available to customers throughout the country by the end of 2008.

press release

Gizmodo has a nice article on the subject here

Quote of the Day

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The real reason that you can’t have the Ten Commandments posted in a courthouse is this: You cannot post “Thou Shalt Not Steal,” “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery”, and “Thou Shalt Not Lie” in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians. It creates a hostile work environment!!


Unintentional Porn

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Heroes ep2.10 analysis, thoughts and theories

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Great Episode, makes me really, really hate the WGA strike. Hopefully they can iron out their differences and get the season back on track. This episode has rewarded us for holding on through this season. Most of the story lines have come together and shown us why the season has progressed as it has. I still hold to the opinion that some of the story lines were drawn out a bit too much (the Plague Twins, Heroes 90210 and The Katrina Krew). It seems that they are rushing the story to finish next week. The Plaque Twins, Heroes 90210 and The Katrina Krew story lines could definitely have been compressed to bring us more enticing content.


Sean Taylor

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I’m sorry I  haven’t posted on this sooner.  As a Redskins fan this hit me hard.  He was a young player with some control problems early in his career, but he seemed to be maturing and becoming a player that would be one of the best safeties to play in the league.  He left behind a fiance and a young son.  It’s tragic that such a young life was cut so short, especially with the potential he has shown.

My condolences go out to the Taylor famaily and the Redskins.

November 28, 2007

Unintentional Porn

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